Rules For Phoenix-Chat

Rules:The administrators of this chat reserve the right to ban / ban anyone with or without reason! To avoid any problems with the nickname (nickname) please register it. No insults, insults, offenses, licentious language, accusations without evidence or other inappropriate or obscene addresses and any other kind of vulgar expressions, as well as racist or sexual remarks, are permissible. It is not allowed to use offensive names for different social categories or that contain insults, trivialities, vulgar words or advertising of other sites.

Do not insult or offend others chat participants. Every one of us here comes to feel good, not to be the victim of rebuilers! It is strictly forbidden to use threats to any visitor but also to use scripts that send messages, notice, invitations, port scanning or DCC Send. Normally the use of scripts is allowed only to operators.

Chat Rules

Harassment on the channel is not tolerated! Do not advertise other Chat, Sites or other Links except those with and YouTube profiles. Do not abuse smiles (smile abuse is considered a flood). If someone harasses the private, ignore it. If the author continues to harass the channel, he will be treated as such. Operators are here to monitor channel activity and ensure user convenience.

They have the option to kick Kick or KickBan and use this possibility only when appropriate.
Does not oblige a person to have a private or public discussion if he does not agree. Operators can not manage and will not respond to private activities.

Rules for Operators: Operators action

The role of the Operators is not to banish or block you from chatting without reason. They are simply moderators of the chat where they are designated to monitor their chat activities and they are careful that their rules are not violated. Spam even in private leads to permanent ban chatting as well as to injustice / offense against a user / operator! You can notify operators of any violation of the various chat rules by sending us mail from the Contact page.

KICK = A warning or a user out of the channel.
BAN = Action to ban / ban a user's access to the channel.
MUTE = The action of not allowing the user to continue talking on the main.

Follow the rules!!

The use of injuries and any other kind of vulgar expressions addressed to operators or any user of this chat can lead to an unlimited ban. Please do not insist to get access to CHAT. This right is obtained (depending on the age and the behavior of each), NOT to be given on request !!
For any complaints to the operators, you can contact us or leave a message at:

To remember! The administrators of this web site reserve the right to modify without prior notice the details of this site. We suggest that it be visited periodically to keep up with the changes made.

Date of last update: 19 | 03 |2019